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I deal with people who have different manifestations going on currently in their lives, and health is one of them. Just like finance and love, health is also a very important life area as the enjoyment of everything rests on having good health. One thing that I found common in people who face health issues … Continue reading “Life Area – Health”

I deal with people who have different manifestations going on currently in their lives, and health is one of them.

Just like finance and love, health is also a very important life area as the enjoyment of everything rests on having good health.

One thing that I found common in people who face health issues is that they get stuck in the energy of the sickness and find it difficult to move into another space, and that is the space of the solution.

Moving into the space of the solution is very important for you to get closer and into the space of wellbeing. Like the job and finance situations, do whatever needs to be done to get well again. If it means going to a good doctor, taking alternative healing, improving your nutrition and changing your food habits, doing yoga, meditation, etc; whatever needs to be done, do it after due research, but with a feeling of faith.

As you do these things, you are actually in happy solution energy. Focus on the fact that this Universe has provided the way for you to become healthy again, and that more discoveries are being made every minute to get people feeling good again. Think of all the diseases for which cures exist nowadays and feel grateful. Earlier people would die of the smallest of sicknesses.

You don’t have to run away from the sickness; accept and make peace with it.

Once you do that, take steps to get out of it, and into the energy of wellbeing by giving power to the solutions available.

Start feeling well and whole again. It is very easy to get into healthy vibrations again just by feeling good about all the solutions that already exist, and as you feel good about the solutions, you call forth more and more. All healing starts from within you and as you believe that the means for getting healthy exist, you will shift your energy space.

Ask for help, take coaching, get support. This helps to very quickly shift the energy for money, health and other life areas. Get into success energy.

Remember what it would feel like to be healthy and keep calling it forth more and more. And when you experience even momentary relief from sickness, focus on those moments, make them your dominant point of attraction, and build on it.

Wellness is yours. Keep calling it forth. All of life’s creations were meant to be healthy. Believe in this truth and make it yours. Make educated decisions.

Love and Light, Sugandhi Iyer, Coach, Joyful Manifestation, []

Author Bio- A Master of energy and consciousness, Sugandhi Iyer has put together an amazing system to get people to realize their dreams and change their experiences. She is a teacher and advisor who coaches people to make powerful changes in their lives (she also provides in depth training for coaches) enabling them to experience relief from fear, and move towards purposeful co-creation with the Universe and Joyful Manifestation. Whatever the situation, it can be changed. She invites you to visit her website, read her articles, sign up for her e-zine and consider taking her personal and corporate coaching to get you where you should be- a great manifestor of a happy and joyful life.

Assurant Life Health Insurance Products

Assurant Life is a nationwide health insurance provider operating in the individual, family and small group marketplace. They are best known for their consumer health coverage. Assurant offers several health packages to choose from with varying benefits, deductibles, and coinsurance options.

Plan Descriptions

Benefits offered will vary depending on the state where the prospective insured resides. In most states, two health savings account plans and three traditional plans are offered.

High deductible, catastrophic plans are very affordable for consumers on a tight budget. Additionally, monthly rates will be locked in for two years when a high deductible plan is selected. The SaveRight PPO HSA and the RightStart PPO are good choices for those who want basic coverage at a competitive price.

The MaxPlan, CoreMed Plan and One Deductible PPO HSA are better options for those who desire more comprehensive coverage. Naturally, these three plans are more expensive, but will offer comprehensive coverage should the insured have a claim. Doctor’s office co-payments and prescription drug coverage are offered with the MaxPlan and CoreMed Plan. Consumers also have several benefit options available including preventive care, dental and vision coverage, first dollar accident benefits, and/or a rx drug discount card.

Maternity Coverage

A competitive niche for Assurant Life is their maternity plans. Consumers can select a maternity specific deductible ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 (with most plans in most states). The deductible will not be subject to the overall health insurance deductible. This way, the insured can tailor the medical coverage to fit their needs.

The waiting period to conceive is only three months in most states. This is very reasonable wait when compared to coverage offered from most other carriers. Like all health insurance companies, this rider cannot be purchased if the proposed insured is already pregnant.

Health Network Options

Assurant is also unique in how the networks are structured. Typically, consumers can select from four or five networks in their state. Some networks are nationwide while others are regional. With several to choose from, it is not difficult to find a network that includes a desired doctor or hospital. Additionally, clients can change networks while the policy is in force. This is advantageous for those who are moving from state to state or need the services of a new doctor or hospital.

In summary, Assurant is a reputable health carrier offering both catastrophic and comprehensive plans to the public. Those who desire maternity coverage and/or robust network options should consider their offerings. Working through an experienced agent, consumers can enroll in a suitable plan for themselves, their family, or their small business.

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His agency offers insurance products in the individual, family, and small business group marketplace. They use the leading national insurance carriers to quote health insurance, health savings accounts, dental, and vision plans.

Other lines of insurance offered include life insurance, disability insurance, and long term care insurance. They use several carriers to quote Medicare supplement plans and Medicare Part D coverage for seniors. Additionally, the independent agents of Hyers and Associates Inc. offer fixed, indexed, and immediate annuity policies for individual and group retirement plans.

How To Gain Better Health and Stay Happier in Life

Health is one of the most important areas of life. Without good health, it can be hard to get anything done or work towards your objectives and goals in life. Poor health can also lead to a sad life. When you start working towards a healthier you, you will start to see your life changing and you will feel better about everything around you. When you are healthy, every function in the body is enhanced, including brain function that helps you tackle issues that you initially viewed as challenging, you will begin to have a positive outlook to live greatly improving your moods and balancing emotions. If you have been wondering how to be healthy, here are some of the starters for your journey to better health and happier life.

1. Mind what you eat

Foods play a huge role in health and it is therefore not a wonder that you are considered to be what you eat. The best way to start your journey towards better health is to know your foods in terms of nutrients. When you know which foods give your body what nutrients and minerals, you will be in a position to choose your foods for balanced healthy meals that serve the body in every way. You will also know which foods to limit and which ones to completely scrap out of your diet and choose heart healthy recipes. You ought to be aware of everything that enters your mouth for the sake of promoting good health.

2. Beat bad habits

Some of the bad habits that can deteriorate your health include smoking and drinking too much alcohol. Overeating and snacking on unhealthy foods also fall into this category. Even though it could be hard to get over the habits, it is actually very possible to fight them when you are truly dedicated and committed to improving your health and life in general. Identify areas that you need to start making changes and come up with a strategy to quit all unhealthy habits. Simple changes can lead to healthy living at home and elsewhere.

3. Exercise

Exercises are very important in keeping fit and boosting health. You will also feel happier when you are more active than when you just spend your hours lazing around. Exercises vary from very simple activities such as walking, jogging and swimming to gym sessions that are much more intense. You can come up with an exercise regime that you can keep up with and remain interested in. If you are trying to lose weight, this is a very good way of starting your journey towards your ideal weight. Eating right and exercising go hand in hand in boosting your health.

4. Get regular checkups

The mistake most people make is rushing to the hospital only when they are suffering and need medical attention. This should not be the case if you care about your health and life. Regular checkups can be very good in identifying health issues in their early stages and curbing them easily. Depending on the results of your checkup, the doctor is able to offer guidelines to ensure that you remain healthy and keep risks at bay.